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Angela Smith, BPhty, GDNR, APAM


Angela is the owner of Your Place Physio, a home visiting physiotherapy service in Canberra. She comes to your home to carry out your physiotherapy appointment. This allows you to remain in the comfort of your own home to receive the treatment you require. In the case of rehabilitation clients, you can practice functional tasks that you find difficult in your particular environment, rather than recreating them in a clinic.

Angela completed a Bachelor of Physiotherapy at the University of Queensland in 2008, and a Postgraduate Diploma in Neurological Rehabilitation (GDNR) at the University of Western Australia in 2013. She is a member of the Australian Physiotherapy Association. She has worked across many areas of physiotherapy in Queensland and the ACT, including public and private hospitals, neurological rehabilitation, falls prevention, acute hospital wards, Emergency Departments, musculoskeletal private practice, clinical pilates, women’s health, aged care, orthopaedics, respiratory and cardiac rehabilitation.

She uses this abundant experience to provide you with evidence-based, goal-orientated care to help get you back on track. Whether you require a short boost of physiotherapy to help you on your way or long-term guidance to help you recover from something more serious, she can help you plan and achieve your goals.